-Punkie-[[Justice]] IS the shit

Awwwwies My Davey Bear -vid

Awwwwies My Davey Bear ^-^

pfffffft PUH-LEZE i dont need to win a contest to party backstage with breathe carolina


DX ok soooooo i had a much better video but i used this one so u can see my warped outfit :D my warped date…

Comment And I'll Make A myspace

you have to add her as a friend to send a comment, i promise she will add you back, leave a pic comment but just…


OMGOSH! is this finally happening??? :D :( who knows. it's ahl up to YOU BUZZNET :D ok so here's the deal, i have this friend…


THESE PICS ARE DIFFERENT :D this site is manic depressing but miss punkie sunshine is pukeing rainbows aaaahhhhllll over it :D i still dont have…


this is my eventful account and it is an awsome site! it lets u know EVERYTHING about ur favorite bands without having a myspace :)))))…


if u have a myspace and ur wondering if i do, i dont but i do have a fake so please be carefull and DONT…


my send favorite band and my second group of besties :)


This is my favorite band and my best friends :)


yes! just today ^_^ http://vampirefreaks.com/PunkieJustice_VP ha >:D ok so heres what i need from YOU buzznet! ive been at this site for awhile so most of…
Warning: if u are a huge fan of bc13 i suggest u not watch- jealousy kills :vid
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-Punkie-[[Justice]] IS the shit
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  • Relationship Status: 4wives & 1boyfriend= mac ;D
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Drink: No
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Children: Someday
  • Education: High School
  • Occupation: drug dealer

About Me:

"You hott! Your fun 2 talk 2! Friendly! Sweet :) you got a hot UK bf. BREATHE CAROLINA LOVES YOU. And a skylit drive. Yourcontagious uh.. Your punkie justice :D" cooool i didnt write that XD i am the most color corridinated peson u will ever meet in ur life! if my outfit looks amazing on cam imagine how it looks in person! I LOVE MUSIC im the best person to talk to about it! ive met so many famous ppl i can fill up a journal. I have a twin brother who hates my guts now :/ I LOVE EMO BOYS AND I HATE SCENE KIDS!!!! ill pic on a fake kid when im bored and no one is online. i love chocolate chip cookies ^_^ especially when i bake them. when i feel like shit i LITERALLY SING MY HEART OUT and bich im good at it! :) fer sure! im so chill and funny but i can be serious at times. i have jerk ass friends ppl enjoy stabbing me in the back and hurting my feelings but i move on. i had a rough childhood and my kitten is my best friend :) i realy want to be a cheerleader for now but my dream is to be a DJ ask more to learn more like duh :D haha


music...or course...emo boys being single at the moment! im interested in living the life of a 16 year old! that includes fitting AHL the teenage stereotypes, i juss got out of a 9mo relationship and now i juss wnt to have fun! cuz lets face it im too gorgeous to belong to 1 person lol jkjk om gosh XD m also interested in being a DJ...im currently interested in internet fame, like the stickam entertainers and you ahl know jeffree star :P its so fastenateing its like another world, J* is bigger then brittany in his own way. i love theme parks and meeting new ppl i love venues!!! THEY are the happiest places on earth :D im also inerested in davie poo from breathe carolina and its ahl good cuz hes inerested too lol. history! hmmm WARPED no doubt! im an expert on that tour! im almost a veteran ask me anythng yo!

Favorite Music:

avenged sevenfold, newyearsday, blessthefall, mxpx, mest, atreyu, aiden, american eyes, eighteen visions, rosematter, false start, a skylit drive, breathe carolina, before their eyes, armour for sleep, a cursive memory, the medic droid, hit the lights, metro station, alesana, a day to remember, bullet for my valentine, greeley estates, norma jean, dj tiesto, atb, IMA robot, alice dee jay, daft punk, billy talent, bleed the dream, box car racer, allister, the confession, dht, cascada, dj tony, my american heart, american princess, electric valentine, good charlotte, just surrender, kitie, lil wayne, paul wall, meg and dia, the matches, metro station, the used, the vincent black shadow, afi, t.A.t.u, story of the year, something corporate, slipknot, my chem, medina lake, MISFITS! :D less than jake, oasis, chiodos is a poser scene band (hate them), hawthorne heights is a poser emo band (hate them) and escape the fate are a binch of assholes (hate them) :D

Favorite Movies:

the people under the stairs, drop dead fread, clown house, the invisble, eurotrip, beerfest, BULLERRRRR!!!!! SHAKE IT UP BABY NOW TWIST AND SHOUT!!!! ahh i will fall in love w any boy who sings that to me :D meet the robinsons, ahl of the chucky movies XD eep hes so cute!, dumbo! fer sure, D, the lion king, space jam, avenged sevenfold all access

Favorite TV Shows:

fuse, charlie and lola, stevens untitled, the fairly oddparents, THE WHITEST KIDS U KNOW, instant star, the best years, george lopez, roseanne, the mighty B, zoey 101, icarly, the hills, bobbys world, sonic, the smurfs, family guy south park

Favorite Books:

magazines, the giver, stephanie's ponytail, good charlotte